Technolangs introducing Advance Microsoft Office Course in Faisalabad

“Technology” is the need of time, the necessity of development and advancement. We believe that it has become a vital ingredient towards the success recipe of an individual, a group, or a nation. If you want yourself to exist in this fast growing technical environment then you must be aware of new technologies and advancement of era. It is now quite essential for one to know at least the basics of computers. Without the knowledge of computer, humans are nothing now days. With the advancement of technology and increasing use of computers everything is now converting computerize. The knowledge of basic computers is as just necessary as water for plants. Basic computer knowledge means to operate computer at basic level. To able to understand and command beginner level programs of computers. To run basic softwares and functions.

Introduction to Microsoft office

Many renowned basic softwares are necessary for a student, employee, or an entrepreneur to get skills in them. Microsoft Office is at the top of those.

Do you know about Microsoft Office?

MS Office is a great & versatile software designed for office purposes. Yes! They really design it for you. You are either a student or a businessman. You need MS Office to compile your tasks in a quick and efficient manner. It contains a bundle of excellent features that helps you to perfect your tasks and assignments.

Do you want to build a perfect text document? MS Office is here to serve you.

Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Power point) is a special software, which is design to fulfill the requirement of a great-targeted audience. It contains an immense options which you can use to optimal your document. One of the great feature of Microsoft is that it is very simple user friendly. Everyone can use it with great ease. It has an intellective interface with a lot of commands and shortcuts, which helps to perform a desired task.

Applications of Microsoft Office :

MS office is not a single software but a complete package of different interlinked applications or programs. These programs are group together in the Microsoft Office Suite. These MS Applications provide the facility to all types of persons regarding any office problem. These Microsoft Applications are almost used in every office and widely used all over the world. Some of these MS applications are widely used by students, jobholders, and businesspersons.

List of Applications of Microsoft Office Suite:

Although Office Suite comes up with many versions and some of its application were not present in the previous version. Hence, the New Updated Version of Microsoft Office has all the applications that we are going to list below here.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft InfoPath
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Pie Chart Representation of five mostly used office applications :

This chart will show you the ratio of usage of most popular Application of Microsoft Office Suite latest version. By viewing this chart, you will be able to fetch instant view of the usage popularity of office applications.

Still Confused! Do you want to know more about Microsoft Office?

Just relax there is nothing to bother. We will made it clearer for you. Let us review again in simple words. Microsoft Office is a product (software) of Microsoft Company. This software is specially design to accommodate office work. It helps to assemble different office tasks concisely and efficiently. New version of Office Suite is highly helpful for every type of office task needed almost every corner of world. Microsoft launches this product in 1990. Since then, MS Office Updates and purifications come in every new version. Now it is consider as most optimal and complete office software of present time. All of these applications are very useful and versatile. They cover different segments of all work related to job and business. One can easily handle his business and job tasks if he has good skills of MS applications. Let us have a detailed view of features and uses of Office Applications.

Microsoft Office Suite: Features and Uses of MS Applications

Every Application has its own uses and features in different works. Sometimes we use these applications separately and sometimes we use these applications by integrating with each other. For your assistance, we will guide you with all features and uses of MS Applications separately. So that you become able to select the right application for right task.

Introduction to Microsoft Word:

The most popular and frequently used simple and versatile Application of Office Suite. This is a perfect application for students as well as the persons with jobs or business. Microsoft Office Mainly deals with text documents. For students: making assignments, applications, book writing, thesis writing, article writing, documentation completing etc. For Job Holders: Creating resumes, making office related documents, Business letters, business proposals etc. MS Word is necessary to learn and know for every student, businessperson, or jobholders in order to compile their regular tasks. Hence, we recommend you to grasp the skills of MS Word from a best institute for office management. Either you belong to teaching sector, attached with an IT company or any Government or private company sector. You need to have a good Skills of Microsoft Word. MS Word offers many magnificent features to you, which are surely not deniable.

Features of Microsoft Word :

  1. Microsoft Word Helps to make your document in a professional way.
  2. Helps to design educational material.
  3. MS Word helps you to get a good job.
  4. Helps to design books, articles, and documents.
  5. All MS word features are available online.
  6. Helps you by identifying errors related to grammar and punctuation.
  7. MS Word allows you to use and modify graphics designs on one click.
  8. User can easily insert and manipulate data with different charts and graphs.

WHO SHOULD Learn Microsoft WORD?

Learning MS Word is consider as necessary as a mother for a faint child. It is very important to get the skills of MS WORD for a student as well as a jobholder. Do you want to get a job? Go for MS WORD SKILLS. MS Office gives exposure and support in your interview session. It builds the confidence of employer if you have intermediate to expert level skills in computing. This vast using software is necessary to learn for every field employee or a student. Either you own a company or company owns you for its services, IT skills derive you ahead in your career. The basic and advance knowledge of Microsoft word is compulsory for every employee in any organization. As a student if you want to create any assignment, documentation or want to write the thesis & research papers. Microsoft word training is must. There are various benefits of getting skills in MS word. These skills can benefit one in different field and aspects of work specially related to documents. The use of computer in modern life plays a vital role in our daily mode of work. Almost everything has transferred in computing system. Therefore, with the increasing dependency in computer field we should get basic skills of computer operating. Microsoft learning is one of the most necessary ingredient in our employment.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel:

Is your work related to accounts?

Microsoft Excel is your best companion. MS Excel is the right tool for handling account sheets and graphical handling of data. MS word is best to use for document drafting whereas MS Excel is renown in formulas and calculation handling. “MS Excel is made for business transactions.” This is a common believe and mostly experienced that MS Excel is widely use in business and office accounts related work. It helps you to maintain the data of numbers, to makes the plans by analyzing the record. It also allows you to implement different types of data with the help of desired formulas. There is no competitor that allows this much flexibility, if we talk about alternative softwares of MS Excel. Although we have multiple options available for the same services, but Microsoft Excel stand the best.

Still having any confusion about MS Excel?

Let us guide you more concisely. MS Excel is an application of Microsoft Office suite. This is the second most known and frequently used application after MS WORD.This application mainly deals with calculation. We can add different formulas in it to generate different type of output result. It is very simple to use but most complicated application in term of operation. What are the important features of Microsoft Excel 2013? In order to find out such questions, Let us discuss uses and benefits of MS EXCEL in detail.

Printing and Packaging Designs

Printing and Packaging Designs are the most important and vital designs for the propagation and success of a business. These are the front face of the products which presents an appealing impression towards the customers. According to an international research, 40% of designs are sold only because of the attractive packaging. The quality of design and quality of package printing attracts buyers. This attraction creates an urge in the mind of the client to buy. So the graphic designers are here to plays a vital role by understanding the mind and need of product’s users. The designers always try to deliver a successive and brilliant design for the customers that attract them. Also, it makes them compelling to purchase that specific item only by getting inspired from the designed packaging.

Features of Microsoft Excel :

  1. MS EXCEL provides you a wide space to work on. It has different work sheets, on which we can work separately or we can integrate with each other according to need.
  2. You can easily made different types of charts and graphs for data representation in seconds.
  3. Microsoft EXCEL has total 14 categories in which there lie approximately 485 functions.
  4. MS EXCEL provides us different workbook template to work on, which save our time.
  5. We can create and implement different formulas on data and get the desired output.
  6. Excels also provides facility to integrate work sheet with other applications of Microsoft Office Suit. Just like MS Word, MS Power Point etc.
  7. Another valuable feature of Microsoft Excel is that we can protect our workbook and sheets with password. No one can edit, change, or modify our important data.
  8. Microsoft Excel Application gives us many options for data analysis. Through Pivot Tables, Charts, Graphs, Histogram, Regression, Sorting etc.


Are you thinking MS EXCEL is not a compulsory software for you to learn? You are completely wrong. MS Excel is compulsory for you to learn. This application helps you to grip different statistical tools and analysis calculations. Learning MS Excel opens a door of many jobs for you in banking & accounts. You can make different strategical plans by the record analysis using Excel tools. If you want to turn the Data into meaningful insights, you need to grip Excel skills. Highly recommended to students, and employees at managerial posts. If you are at a responsible post and answerable to provide different strategies and plan to your company you need expert level skills in Microsoft word and excel.

Introduction to Microsoft Power Point:

The popular application of Microsoft Office Suite for presentation purpose is Microsoft Power Point. This application in actual not developed by MICROSOFT. Instead, Microsoft buy this application from a software company after 3.5 months of is market appearance. Microsoft Power Point closely relates with graphical representation and pictorial illustrations. These three applications of MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint) is a complete package for a person to learn.
  • MS Word provides tools to manipulate text documents.
  • MS Excel provides tools to manipulate calculations and graphical analysis of data.
  • MS Power Point provides tools to prepare an interacting presentation and display information on emphasize form.
Coming back to MS POWER POINT
MS POWERPOINT is best software for preparing presentations with a greater number of features and animations offered by any presentation software. The market share of this Microsoft application is 90%. The main reason for the acceptance of this application in the market is its simple and dynamic options for presenting and preparing presentations. Even if you are a beginner, you can create a dynamic and appealing presentation slides with easy editing and formatting options. We hope that you will now able to understand that “What is Microsoft PowerPoint presentation?” Now we will jump to the benefits, which MS POWERPOINT application offers. There are numerous features and benefits of this software. Here we will give you a bird’s eye view to all the features and uses of PowerPoint.

Features of Microsoft Power Point :

  1. Gives different formatting options in presentation of your text and data.
  2. Power Point allows a dynamic platform options and runs of any platform laptop, mobile, tablet etc. easily.
  3. MS POWER POINT gives you amazingly designed templates for presentations, which you can easily edit and modify. You do not require designing it from scratch.
  4. Microsoft Power Point provides equal functions for a business presentation as well as a student for academic presentation.
  5. Power point enables you to visualize complex data in a simpler way.
  6. MS POWER POINT creates greater audience’s interest.
  7. MS POWER POINT provides single platform to use text, voice, videos, & animations, to deliver a great message to audience.
  8. The effect feature of animations and transitions in slides helps to beautify the presentation in a quicker and less tired way.


We want to ask a question from you. What do you think you need to learn MS POWER POINT or not?

Is MICROSOFT Power Point is a beneficial application for you?

We guess your answer will be positive in the reply. The reason is that MICROSOFT Power Point is necessary to learn for all. You are either a student or an employee or representing a company anywhere. You need to make presentations in order to justify and impress your audience with visual data.There are many other options to compile your work expect MS word and MS Excel. When it comes to power point, your choice is limited. If you want to make an impacting animated presentation, the only option is MICROSOFT Power Point.


Hope that you have carefully read the whole article and become aware of the importance and benefits of learning MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE. Here we will conclude that if you need to explore your skills in the field of Information technology.

If you want to secure a good, job in your future or attain a challenging position in your current company. You definitely need to get the skills of the basic applications of MS OFFICE. Microsoft Office suite is specially designed and integrated to meet all the requirements of a businessperson, an employee, & a student. No matter what sort of field you own, the dependency of your work on MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE exist. The need of technology urges you to be involve in learning process if you want to be a competent and capable person in your life. There are many versions of MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE present in the market. There is no basic difference in the versions and you should not to worry about it. If you have a strong grip on any version of MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE applications, you can easily use any version with latest updates. A new version does not means that entire software changes in fact it brings and adds on some of the latest and update features in the software.